Saddle Chariot
There must be simply hundreds of outgrown children’s ponies on smallholdings around the country. Not neglected, exactly, but bored, fat, lazy (and probably laminitic!). You know the sort of thing - kids grow up, move onto horses, and eventually go off to university. No one dares to suggest selling the family pony, so he idles his life away, eating his head off, and mum and dad foot the bills!
One man has given this scenario a great deal of thought, and come up with the perfect answer. Quite apart from the fact that he’s scared of riding, Simon Mullholland is a tall
bloke, so, when faced with the problem of having to exercise his daughter’s little pony he designed and built the Saddle Chariot (so named because the rider stands astride a bicycle style saddle). Native ponies are extremely strong in relation to their size, and pulling a wheeled vehicle carrying a grown man is no problem. The Saddle Chariot goes one step further: By virtue of the position of the rider giving perfect balance to the vehicle, it reduces the strain
on the animal to only one fifth of that inflicted by more conventionally designed traps and carts. The real beauty of the Saddle Chariot, however, lies in its unique safety mechanism – if things get out of hand you simply step off and pull the “rip cord”, whereupon the whole thing detaches itself from the pony, with no risk to either man or beast. Animal welfare and user safety are the principle aspects of the design. In fact, the design is so pony friendly that the average bomb-proof children’s mount can be put straight to harness, with no further training required.

Further info:
A brand new Saddle Chariot, complete with made-to-measure harness, costs in the region of £1,500. For more details or to arrange a demonstration contact us